Tailored Clothing

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Tailored Clothing

Jenny Aarrekangas designs unique clothes according to your wishes. Jenny’stailored women’s clothing is adapted to your figure, your style and your needs. Making sure you can get your dream garment that fits perfectly!

Are you looking for a unique wedding gown or party wear according to a special theme? Do you need clothes with a perfect fit? Then this tailor-made service is for you! Jenny Aarrekangas designs and makes clothes for weddings, parties and dances.

Jenny Aarrekanga’s tailored clothes are designed and made with love and care, which takes more time. In order for the clothes to be ready on time, contact us within the following approximated times:

  • Accessories: 2 months
  • Bottoms / Tops: 2 months
  • Party Wear: 2 months
  • Competition costumes / dance costumes : 3 months
  • Wedding gowns: 4 months

Photo: Josefin Westin Photography

Competition Costumes

Jenny Aarrekangas designs unique competition costumes for figure skating, gymnastics and dance. Each dance costume is specially designed for you and your competition performance. We start creating the costume based on music and theme, and we aim for a perfect fit. Everything is made with attention to detail so you can focus on your performance.

To get the perfect fit, a toile or a prototype is made. With its aid, we get cuts and details in the right place. Usually, we meet three times; one for measurement and design, one toile fitting and a final fitting.

Photo: Madeleine’s Photography

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