Good To Know

Perhaps you have long dreamed of a unique piece of clothing or have had a hard time finding clothes that are right? You’ve come to the conclusion that you want to invest and order something custom-made, you should then contact in advance. First book a time for a meeting, if you have a special occasion when the garment should be worn, you should contact me according to the following:

  • Accessories: 1 month
  • Bottom pieces / Top pieces: 1,5 month
  • Evening wear: 2 months
  • Competition costumes (groups): 3 months
  • Weddings gowns: 4 months

Indicative prices are given upon request, but the final quotation is given when the creation is selected. The offer applies to the price of production, choice of materials affects the final price of the garment.


Contact us: or call +358 50 356 0785